New Birds Revisited

New Birds of March 2011

You just have to be sure you're doing the right thing. It's easy to forget when she's sitting there in the pub with her new friends and her, new hair, but It's been five years. I wasn't even sure if it was horrid first. I was ready to walk on. But then she smiled and called me over and I couldn't really think of much to say so we just giggled, looked embaressed, then went back to our tables and asked our friends to stop staring. By the end of the night the booze is kicked in and I'm feeling bold. So I go back over, sat down and we talked again, pretty soon we decided we should go for a walk, and we talked about our new friends, our new homes, our new jobs and our new birds...

She said she's been going out with him now for about two and a half years. But they don't live together so you never find out if something happened. And you think about when you were young and you used to chase her around school. And the first time you asked her out she said no. But one night, you went to a wedding, you got dressed up and you must have looked pretty cool because that night when you bumped into her, she changed her mind. And you remember how she used to swing her arms when you held hands, you remember what she wore, you remember what she said and even how she smiled. But you can't quite remember how she kissed, and now you got the perfect opportunity to jog your memory, but you have to remember there's this other kiss.
And it took months of practice and months of embarrassment, but finally it's about right. And the girl that kiss belongs to, you wonder where she is, you wonder what she's doing, and who she is doing it with, because maybe she is in exactly the same place as you, face to face with an ex.

You can see the breath and the air between your faces. And she asks you if you want to come home, but you flag down two seperate taxis and you go your opposite ways, and then you get home, you wonder what you missed, you wonder, why you walked away. But before you fall asleep, think about that kiss you worked so hard for.

And you'll know you've done the right thing.


01 Ocak '18 / 15:16